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UMSpaceSafe logs research (and similar scholarship) space use for the purpose of mitigating and responding to potential COVID-19 exposure. All UM/UMM faculty, staff, and students working on research are strongly encouraged to use this tool as means of meeting current requirements to log space use and limit space occupancy. The tool should be used whenever individuals will co-occupy research (or similar scholarship) spaces for more than 15 minutes, whether planned or unplanned at the time of their entry, including:

  • UMaine/UMM, as well as Non-UMaine/UMM, facilities (e.g. labs or meeting spaces)
  • Outdoor sites, vessels, or farms used for their research.

Additional Info

  • UMSpaceSafe does not passively track your activities and is not intended for documenting space use outside of institutionally authorized research activities.
  • UMSpaceSafe data is stored in a secure database and accessible only to UMSpaceSafe administrators for the purpose of facilitating research safety (unless otherwise anonymized).
  • Your identity and contact information may be shared with institutional emergency personnel (e.g. COVID-19 response team) or state/federal emergency responders (e.g., Maine CDC, law enforcement) where deemed necessary for public safety (e.g. exposure tracing).
  • UMSpaceSafe does not guarantee against infection by COVID-19 or other workplace hazards.
  • This tool does not take the place of other UM COVID-related policies and procedures ( nor the place of other institutional approvals required for research.
  • For more information or a reasonable accommodation, please contact Tammy Crosby, 207.581.1618 or
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